Undone University Co-Eds Series

Featuring sexy undergrads who prove there’s more to campus life than classes



Krystal’s freshman year of college was supposed to be the best year of her life. She has a great best friend, great roommate, and great boyfriend. Eh, maybe that last one isn’t quite right. She finds this out the hard way when they break up and he revenge posts steamy pictures of her on social media. What’s a girl to do? Besides go confront him.

And that’s how Jace finds her, screaming like a lunatic on the lawn out front of his frat house, trying to get the attention of one of his frat brothers. When her friend shows up and drags her away, Jace can’t be more glad to be rid of this beautiful, but obviously crazy, woman. Except he can’t seem to shake her. Fate keeps throwing them together, and the more time he spends with her, the less interested he is in keeping his distance.

Even if being near her is uncomfortable.



Samantha’s roommate is getting married, and the impending nuptials will leave Sam without a home as her best friend starts a new life… without her. Okay, maybe she’s being a little dramatic. Their friendship isn’t over, but Sam definitely has to find a new place to stay. Luckily for her, her cousin has a sweet loft close to campus. Not so lucky for her, Sam’s cousin already has a roomie, a really hot one, and he’s the TA in the one class she’s failing.

Gavin’s pretty happy with his living situation. His roommate is low key, and he’s pretty much got the run of the loft, and for minimal rent. But when his roommate lets his cousin stay with them, it puts a definite damper on the bachelor pad vibe. For one thing, Cousin Sam is not the dude Gavin was expecting. For another, he can’t shake his attraction to her, an attraction he definitely shouldn’t have since he’s student-teaching a class she’s in.

Maybe he can just avoid her until the semester is over.


Abby’s senior checklist is all wrong:
• Retake the classes she failed.
• Get a job with the university.
• Pay her own tuition because her parents won’t.
• Find out the job is campus security… Worse, the guy training her is the one man she hoped to never see again.

Paul’s new promotion is dependent on him training Abigail Kinkade, spoiled princess extraordinaire. And his ex-girlfriend. How’s he supposed to prove himself and show her the ropes with her turning her nose up at the job and at him? He’s sorely tempted to turn down the promotion just to be rid of her. But even stronger than their animosity toward each other is their chemistry.

The attraction between them is uncontrollable.

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